Firearms Instruction

"Safety first" firearms instruction target practice training with an NRA certified professional

Firearms target practice - safety first
Firearms target practice - safety first
Firearms instruction on safety and handling
Firearms instruction on safety and handling
  • Private hourly instructional sessions available to learn safety best practices and target shooting
  • Revolvers, semi-auto pistols, rifles, airguns and crossbows
  • Learn personal protection and get professional consultation on choosing the right defense mechanism for you.
  • Gain valuable knowledge about owning and shooting firearms at a safe, outdoor range.
  • Customized lessons for adults and youth builds confidence, self-esteem and discipline.

Private lessons starting at $195/hr. gets you familiar with firearms safe handling and hitting targets.
Second shooter is discounted at $150/hr. No more than 2 students during one session. 

Firearms target practice - Walther PPK
Firearms target practice - Walther PPK
Safe instruction for women shooters at the pistol range
Rifle target shooting
Rifle target shooting


A customized deep-dive course to understanding safety, parts, ammunition, maintenance and marksmanship.
Welcome new & experienced shooters!
We understand that firearms for first-timers can be intimidating that’s why
we create lessons tailored to your needs and designed for each individual’s comfort level.

Pistol training and target shooting for women

~ An introductory 2 hour “classroom” no-ammo pistol lesson in the privacy of your home.
~ Followed by a 2 hour paper target practice shooting session at the outdoor range.
Learn safe firearms best practices: stance & grip, sight aliment, loading / unloading, etc.

Qualification for Colorado concealed handgun permit (other States may be applicable)

** Also available advance marksmanship lessons and NRA classes **

“Personal Protection Inside the Home” and “Personal Protection Outside the Home”

Ladies pistol qualifying target practice
Private ranch pistol range for group target practice

Rifle Target Practice

Marksmanship courses offered for adults and youth introduces the wide world of shooting sports new and experienced shooters.
Aspen Shooting’s private firearms instruction target practice helps build confidence and gives shooters, both new and experienced, the knowledge base necessary for gun safety and best practices.

Safety and firearms instruction for youth
Safety and firearms instruction for youth & adults
Rifle target shooting at private ranch event
Aspen shooting is fun for everyone
Clay target shooting on the Skeet field in Basalt

Clay Target Shooting

The #1 Aspen shooting activity!

Choose from a selection of shotguns to shoot moving clay targets on a beautiful outdoor private Skeet and Trap range.

Youth assited by instructors hit moving clay targets with shotguns

Shotgun lineup at the Carbondale Ranch with views of Sopris
Clay target shooting at a private ranch in Carbondale